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Tokyo Sushi Academy

August 1st, 2023

ISC Online Course with Certificate

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In this course you will learn the basic knowledge concerning sushi and sashimi that you will need to know before you start working inside the sushi bar. 

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~Process for Certificate~

1: Purchase this course

2: Learn all the lectures and complete all the questions

*total duration of the videos are about 6 hours 

3: Submit end of the course notification to Tokyo Sushi Academy

4: Fill out  Certificate application form (We will email you after you submit the end of the course notification)

5: Issue certificate (PDF)


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■Chapter 1 Hygiene management

1-1. Bacteria, virus and parasite which causes food poisoning

1-2. Kitchen equipment and hygiene

1-3. Kitchen workers and hygiene 

1-4. Hygienic function of sushi ingredients and accompaniments

■Chapter 2 About Japanese Knife

2-1. About Japanese Knife (New Version)

2-2. About Whetstone

2-3. How to sharpen Japanese Knife - Usuba

2-4. How to sharpen Japanese Knife - Deba

2-5. How to sharpen Japanese Knife - Yanagi

■Chapter 3 Sushi Basic 1

3-1. About sushi rice , before washing the rice

3-2. How to wash and cook Japanese rice

3-3. Tools for making sushi rice and sushi vinegar

3-4. How to make sushi rice

3-5. How to make Nigiri sushi Part 1

3-6. How to make Nigiri sushi Part 2

3-7. How to make hosomaki

3-8. How to make California roll

3-9. Using a half-size nori, make a roll by rolling from the short side

3-10. Using a half-size nori, make an inside-out roll by rolling from the short side

3-11. 2 types of FUTOMAKI eastern and western style

3-12. Different type of sushi

■Chapter 4 Salmon to Sushi

4-1. How to descale salmon

4-2. How to cut off head and collar from whole salmon

4-3. How to fillet salmon

4-4. How to clean up and debone salmon fillet

4-5. How to de-skin salmon and cut into block (saku)

4-6. Salt curing technique 

4-7. Cutting salmon block (saku) into sushi slices~Belly side

4-8. Cutting salmon block (saku) into sushi slices~Back side

4-9. How to make salmon nigiri

4-10. How to make salmon thin roll (hoso maki)

4-11. How to make salmon fusion roll (ura maki)

■Chapter 5 How to Fillet Different Type of Fish

5-1. 2 pieces filleting with sardine (iwashi)

5-2. 2 pieces filleting with Spanish mackerel(aji)

5-3. 2 pieces filleting with gizzard shad (kohada)

5-4. 3 pieces filleting with young yellowtail (inada)

5-5. 3 pieces filleting with sea bream (tai)

5-6. 5 pieces filleting with flounder (hirame)

■Chapter 6 How to Cut Slices for Sushi, Kiritsuke

6-1.How to cut slices for sushi Part1 Lecture 

6-2. How to cut slices for sushi Part 2 Back side

6-3. How to cut slices for sushi Part 3 Belly side

6-4. How to cut slices for sushi Part 4 TUNA

■Chapter 7 Sashimi Basic

7-1. How to Make Tsuma 1

7-2. How to Make Tsuma 2

7-3. How to Make Hira Zukuri with Salmon

7-4. How to Make Kaku Zukuri with Tuna

7-5. How to Make Sogi Zukuri with AmberJack

7-6. How to Make Yae Zukuri with Mackerel

7-7.How to Make Usu Zukuri with Red Snapper, Sea Bream 

7-8. How to Make Hoso Zukuri and Ito Zukuri with Squid

■Chapter 8 Additional Lectures

8-1. Preservation of fish

8-2. Defrosting Tuna Block 

8-3. Food Cost Yield Calculation

 ■Chapter 9 Bonus Chapter

*more videos to be updated time to time*