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SUSHI ~Basic Technique~

Let's start learning sushi from today! Your very first step to be a sushi master.

This video will show you all the small details about the basic sushi technique, starting from how to make sushi rice to nigiri, maki and all other different types of sushi.

■Chapter 1 About sushi rice, before washing the rice

■Chapter 2 How to wash and Japanese rice

■Chapter 3 Tools for making sushi rice and sushi vinegar 

■Chapter 4 How to prepare sushi rice with sushi vinegar

■Chapter 5 How to make Nigiri sushi Part1

■Chapter 6 How to make Nigiri sushi Part2

■Chapter 7 How to make hosomaki

■Chapter 8 How to make California roll

■Chapter 9 Using the half size nori vertically and make a roll

■Chapter 10 Using the half size nori vertically and make a inside out roll

■Chapter 11 2 types of FUTOMAKI eastern and western style

■Chapter 12 Different type of sushi