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Basic Technique For Salmon Sushi

~preparing whole salmon and making sushi~


Salmon is one of the most popular sushi in the world! Have you ever fillet a whole salmon?

Hiro sensei will show you all the small techniques and tips about salmon sushi.

Even if you already know how, you might find something new!!


■Chapter 1 Introduction~How to descale salmon

■Chapter 2 How to cut off head and collar from whole salmon

■Chapter 3 How to fillet salmon

■Chapter 4 How to clean up and debone salmon fillet

■Chapter 5 How to de-skin salmon and cut into block (saku)

■Chapter 6 Salt curing technique

■Chapter 7 Cutting salmon block (saku) into sushi slices~Belly side

■Chapter 8 Cutting salmon block (saku) into sushi slices~Back side

■Chapter 9 How to make salmon nigiri

■Chapter 10 How to make salmon thin roll (hoso maki)

■Chapter 11 How to make salmon fusion roll (ura maki)

■Bonus Video Hiro sensei's Live demonstration on June 10th, 2020

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