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Our experienced instructors will teach you every techniques and tips about sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine in English.


Tokyo Sushi Academy

Tokyo Sushi Academy is the 1st Sushi School for international students in Japan. More than 4,000 alumni have found a new career in over 50 countries since 2002.



Hiro sensei and Hiroko sensei are main instructors of our English course. They teach our lectures in English!

Let's check a part of our lectures!

This video contains the highlight scene of TSA video lecture. (Sushi~Basic Technique~)


What is TSA Video Lectures?

✔You can learn the important fundamentals of sushi and sashimi making by online, and video lectures are free to watch over and over again.
✔All of the lectures are provided in English completely. So, no need of Japanese knowledge.
✔You can choose what you want to learn most by yourself.
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Course Information

SUSHI~Basic Technique~


■Chapter 1 About sushi rice, before washing the rice

■Chapter 2 How to wash and Japanese rice

■Chapter 3 Tools for making sushi rice and sushi vinegar 

â– Chapter 4 How to prepare sushi rice with sushi vinegar

â– Chapter 5 How to make Nigiri sushi Part1

â– Chapter 6 How to make Nigiri sushi Part2

â– Chapter 7 How to make hosomaki

â– Chapter 8 How to make California roll

â– Chapter 9 Using the half size nori vertically and make a roll

■Chapter 10 Using the half size nori vertically and make a inside out roll

â– Chapter 11 2 types of FUTOMAKI eastern and western style

â– Chapter 12 Different type of sushi


ISC Online Course


■ Hygiene management
â– About Japanese Knife
■ Sushi Basic 
■ Salmon to Sushi
■ How to Fillet Different Type of Fish
â– How to Cut Slices for Sushi, Kiritsuke
â–  Sashimi Basic
â–  Additional Lectures

*All the lectures have questions!


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SASHIMI~Basic Technique~


â– Chapter1: How to Make Tsuma 1

â– Chapter 2: How to Make Tsuma 2

â– Chapter 3: How to Make Hira Zukuri with Salmon

â– Chapter 4: How to Make Kaku Zukuri with Tuna

â– Chapter 5: How to Make Sogi Zukuri with AmberJack

â– Chapter 6: How to Make Yae Zukuri with Mackerel

■Chapter 7: How to Make Usu Zukuri with Red Snapper, Sea Bream 

â– Chapter 8: How to Make Hoso Zukuri and Ito Zukuri with Squid


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